Tartuffe’s historical controversy with Anais Jolly

Written in the 17th century in France Tartuffe is one of Moliere’s most famous play. Yet it took the author five long years to obtain the right to perform it in front of an audience. Even though the French playwright was used to a certain degree of controversy around his play, the political and religious outcry around Tartuffe far exceeded what he had had been used to, and deeply impacted French Threate. Three hundred years after it was written, this comic tale of human gullibility resonates across time and cultures in the way it exposes power, false piety, hypocrisy and greed.

In light of Sylvaine Strike’s adaption of Tartuffe at this year National Arts Festival Anais Jolly of Comedie- Francaise discusses the play and it’s impact and relevance both then and now. 

Listen Anais Jolly’s presentation and discussion with her audience here:

Presented at Think!Fest by the French Institute of South Africa.




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