Alternative international media: Russia Today (RT)

With a large global viewership and an appeal to media consumers beyond Russia, RT Television has become a global power in online and television journalism. Karina Melikyan, RT Head of Content Distribution Services, explored the strong youth following behind RT Television and the extent of RT Television’s international journalism

Samora Sekhukhune, Karina Melikyan and Paula Slier

RT journalist Paula Slier described how, in her own reporting experience with RT, Russia’s relatively positive relationship with countries such as Syria has afforded her greater access and mobility in these countries than her Western counterparts.

Phathiswa Magopeni, Head of Terrestrial News Services at eNCA, spoke with Paula Slier about the future and extent of citizen journalism in international media

Samora Sekhukhune, independent producer and director, discussed her use of RT television as an example of quality videography and television reporting.

The RT journalists on the panel and in the audience, particularly Slier, were very knowledgeable on political pressure points raised by the audiences. They answered questions regarding Russian political positions on Syria, the Ukraine, doping and the effectiveness of international sanctions.

The full presentation can be heard below.

For more on the lighter side of South Africa’s friendship with Russia at the National Arts Festival, Cue has you covered here.

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