The future of the past is a must see

Carol Kagezi
Originally posted on Artslink

Often find yourself reaching out for your phone or logging on to any social media you may own? If not, then this is your cup of tea.

If you are still reading this and you happen to be at the National Arts’ Festival, the show Not the Futurists is a must see.

This thought-provoking piece of music theatre is a merging of speed, technology, experiment and the rebellious attitude of early futurist thinkers. “My aim, while writing this production, was to get people thinking critically about the human race’s dependency on technology,” says creator, Jerzy Bielski. He also adds that he would like to see a future where society is overtaking technology and not the other way around.

The play has been performed on other international stages. Laura Jakschas, director, attributes the cast’s success to their ability to adjust the script and make the references within the production relevant to their audience.

A lecture demonstration by the award-winning team behind Not Only Futurists will be given today, 2pm at Kingswood Music School. 

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