Winter has come!

It’s Winter.

It’s Grahamstown.

It’s Festival!

And where would you rather be than right here, right now?

All the plotting and planning since the last time we saw each other, all the conferring and conniving has all come to fruition in this moment as we gather here, right now.

This is the place where the art of talk is given life and space, this is where we unpick, undo, unpack and turn our tongues on the arts, the state, the politics, the economics, the issues, the context, the opinions, the contentions, the research and the shenanigans.

Our big topics this year are all about freedom of expression: surveillance and secrecy, limits to liberty and satire. What we can and can’t say, to whom, where, and why and how and when, are the issues that drive our debates and talks this year. How we know and what we know and what we do with our knowledge are the crucial acts (and arts) that define what kind of democracies and world we live in.

anthea 230615In addition we bring you a rich selection of discussions about the arts: music, film, writing… with the people who love and make these arts and with those who love and critique these arts.

As usual Eden Grove is a hub of the Festival: in addition to talks we have exhibitions and conversations with authors just upstairs and a book shop and a coffee shop.

Make this place your base and this booklet your guide and you’ll leave here enriched and engaged.

Welcome to Think!Fest!

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