20, 30, 40, GO!

It’s celebration time! 20 years of democracy, 30 years of awards that kick-start careers in the arts, 40 years of the grand ole festival in Grahamstown!
What a party we’re going to have this year. (But before you get out the silly hats and squeaky whistles/vuvuzelas, a bit of a health warning in relation to the first: the democracy’s only just come out of the pimply, gangly teenage phase and is only just finding its feet as an adult. But be assured the artists and the festival are all grown up and behaving ever so mature and arrived.)
We span this auspicious set of numbers by providing you – as usual – with a very full and engaging programme of talks, exhibitions, debates and other provocations.
With the support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and City Press, our programme is packed to the max with serious deliberations about the health and state of our democracy AND filled to the gills with reflections on the shape and condition of the arts.
In addition to our own line-up of debates this year, for the first time, we give a platform to the BBC Forum debates which will be chaired by BBC Diplomatic Correspondent Bridget Kendall. You absolutely want to be in the audience to discuss “Educating the Born-Free Generation” and “Has SA achieved cultural democracy?”
You’ll also want to take in the Listening Lounge offerings, join the slam poets, dabble in beat boxing, chat with authors, take on Tim Noakes and his new cookbook, shake hands with Miyere ole Miyandazi… actually why not just make Think!Fest the pivot of your entire festival experience like so many really seasoned festival-goers do!

Looking forward to having you in our debate space this year (again or for the first time). Welcome to Think!Fest 2014.

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