Going boldly

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Welcome to Think!Fest 2013. We have a strong, thought-provoking programme lined up for you this year all of the talks are highly topical and range from the critical (land, education, environment, war), via the extraordinary (biomimicry, innovation, DNA, design), with a turn through the personal and social (diet, eating, addiction, storytelling and dying) and landing firmly in the arts (jazz, blues, post-production talks).

This year’s freethinking speakers are two strong, outspoken women who go boldly (where no man has gone before!): Jane Raphaely who, at this point in her life, stands on a high point after a long an amazing career surveying the country and the media landscape with her particular brand of insight, and Kay Sexwale, new voice on the block, who also has things to say and do.

We’re indebted to the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands for their support and for the presence of Daan Roosegaarde, Joris Lohman and Kier Schuringa on our programme. And again, it’s wonderful to partner with City Press in the post-production talks and to have their senior journalist Charl Blignaut join Andries Botha to talk about arts censorship.

Rhodes University’s Legacies of Apartheid Wars project (which Theresa Edlmann organises) has put up an exhibition and a series of extremely interesting talks for this year’s Think!Fest, and the Legal Resources Centre is back again with a short film of their essential work in this country.

So listen, think, question, talk back, argue, debate. It’s the essence of agency and action.

Anthea Garman
Think!Fest Convenor

The full programme for 2013: Think!Fest2013_LR
The official
National Arts Festival site

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